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Set of 10 kitchen knives Blue Ocean resin handle steel blade 7cr17Blue Ocean resin handle
Save 59%
Set of 10 Japanese kitchen knives for everyday use CollectionKiritsuke japanese knife for meat legume and fish Kaitsuko USA
Save 59%
Set of 10 Japanese kitchen knives for different uses Forest WoodWooden handle Forest Wood Japanese knife collection
Save 53%
Set of 5 stainless steel kitchen knivesWooden handle Forest Wood Japanese knife collection
Save 31%
Set of 5 Japanese professional kitchen knives Kaitsuko Chef YakumotoG10 Kaitsuko Japanese kitchen knife handle
Sale price$299.99 Regular price$434.90
Set of 5 knives in Damascus steel – Collection Chef YakumotoKaitsuko USA
Save 14%
Set of 2 knives in Damascus steel – Collection Chef YakumotoG10 wooden handle with stainless steel
Sale price$149.99 Regular price$174.90
Set of 2 knives in Damascus steel – Collection Chef YakumotoKaitsuko USA

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Kaitsuko large chef's knife 67-layer Damascus steel bladeErgonomic handle in blue and beige resin
Kaitsuko USA Serie Mer Yellow multi-purpose chef's knifeJapanese kitchen knife handle Kaitsuko
Japanese chef knife Yakumoto 67 couches damas steel polyvalent useG10 black kitchen knife handle
Sale price$114.99
Chef’s knife - YakumotoKaitsuko USA
Kitchen knife Santoku for cutting meat fish and vegetables KaitsukoErgonomic handle for Japanese kitchen knife
Sale price$109.99
Santoku knife - YakumotoKaitsuko USA
Knife Kiritsuke Collection Kyoto for multipurpose useDamascus steel kitchen knife handle
Sale price$99.99
Kiritsuke knife - KyotoKaitsuko USA
Japanese chef knife high range Katisuko USA polyvalent useG10 handle Japanese kitchen knife
Sale price$99.99
Chef’s knife - KyotoKaitsuko USA
Best Japanese chef knife steel blade 7cr17 blue handleBlue Ocean resin handle
Japanese type knife - Kiritsuke - Mosaic Art Limited CollectionJapanese type knife - Kiritsuke - Mosaic Art Limited Collection

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Learn More About Japanese Knives

The Inspiration of Kaitsuko

Japanese knives, which have been popular for several decades or even centuries, have managed to gain a reputation worldwide. It is said that these knives are the sharpest in the world.

Initially, cutlery workshops or forgeries exclusively crafted Japanese swords. Often considered weapons, the production of these swords was halted. The artisans and blacksmiths then focused on the food sector, exclusively producing knives. Each Japanese knife is unique and must be used for specific purposes.

Japanese knives can be made from different materials. However, Damascus steel undeniably stands out from other types of steel. Indeed, its sharpness and durability are no longer a secret. It also has the distinction of offering the most beautiful blades in the world. This steel is highly appreciated by many chefs for its appearance and unparalleled performance.

To define it, we can say that Damascus steel knives are composed of two or more different steels. Initially, Damascus steel was made in India or Uzbekistan. Artisans originally used an Indian steel called wootz, which had a high carbon content. These blades were mainly used to design weapons and swords. The production of Damascus swords began in 300 BC and lasted until the late 1750s. Following the depletion of wootz, the artisanal expertise was somewhat lost. It wasn't until the 19th century that blacksmiths began to take an interest in this technique again. In the 1820s, a new manufacturing process was discovered. The artisanal forging technique involves assembling two to three different steels together. They are then fire-welded by hammering to obtain a solid block. The blacksmith then reheats the block to stretch and fold it onto itself. It is then rewelded. These operations can be repeated infinitely. They allow the blacksmith to create hundreds of layers, thus achieving amazing and unique patterns. Heating temperatures can reach 1300-1400° degrees. As you understand, the characteristics of Damascus steel lie in its resistance and originality.

To best satisfy you, Kaitsuko offers unique and original knives that incorporate these different manufacturing techniques. Our collections and engravings are unique. We are proud to offer you, beyond quality products, express delivery times within 24 to 48 hours. We are available to assist you with all your purchase requests.