The Damascus steel is a steel made of multiple layers forged together. The aim of the
Damascus steel is to improve the properties of steel. A piece of whole steel is forged and lengthen into a longer piece of steel that is then folded and forged again in one piece. By repeating this process several times, it creates layers. This manufacturing process has two main benefits: Imperfections and impurity inside the steel are spread out through the piece which eliminates any weak points. The crystal structure of the steel if also improved by this manufacturing process which prevent from premature damages. Through this process, the steel is heated in a blaze where it incorporates carbons from the fire. Then by folding and forging it several times, carbons spread out through the steel which makes it harder.

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At Kaitsuko, we aim to please our clients with our products.
However, if you need to return your order, we are happy to assist you in this process. Contact us by email and we will help you proceed with the return of your order. 

The Kaitsuko Advantages

At Kaitsuko, we believe in the quality of our product which is why we offer a 2-years warranty for our knifes.

Our knifes are easy maintenance. You only need to wash and dry them after each use in order to keep the blade clean. Given the preciosity of our knifes, they can only be
hand-washed in order to maintain them as qualitative as the first use. Please note that our knifes cannot be washed in a washing machine. 

This varies pending on how often you use it and on what type of food you cut. If you feel that your knife is not as sharp as the beginning, you just need to sharpen them
using a knife sharpener. It will restore their initial sharpness.

We are currently working on offering a customization service. Do not hesitate to register with your email address and we will keep you posted as soon as this
service is available.

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