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Kaitsuko 4-in-1 kitchen knife sharpenerProfessional sharpener with multiples lots
Sale price$36.99
4-in-1 Knife SharpenerKaitsuko USA
Black knife holder for kitchen wareKaitsuko knife holder
Sale price$39.99
Black knife holderKaitsuko USA
Japanese knife with ergonomic handle KaitsukoBlue Ocean resin handle
Japanese bone knife for removing meat from Kaitsuko Collection Forest Wood bonesWooden handle Forest Wood Japanese knife collection
Kaitsuko USA boning knife for removing meat from bonesBrown resin handle Land of fire Collection
Yellow Sea Set meat boning knifeHigh-quality blue and beige resin handle
Boning knife Chef Yakumoto for removing meat from bonesErgonomic G10 handle for Japanese knife
Sale price$74.99
Boning knife - YakumotoKaitsuko USA
Quality bread and brioche knife with serrated bladeBlue Ocean resin handle
Bread knife - Collection Chef Tanaka Forest WoodWooden handle Forest Wood Japanese knife collection
Bread knife Japanese for brioche and bruscetta Kaitsuko USABrown resin handle Land of fire Collection
Japanese special knife for bread and brioche Serie Yellow SeaErgonomic kitchen knife handle
Cow hide leather knife bagKaitsuko carrying bag
Sale price$69.99
Carrying bag for knivesKaitsuko USA
Japanese cutting knife for meat KaitsukoBlue Ocean resin handle
Kaitsuko Japanese knife for slicing meat and hamWooden handle Forest Wood Japanese knife collection
Terre de feu slicing knife for meat and dry-cured hamBrown resin handle Land of fire Collection
Kaitsuko_Collection_Kyoto_Meat_Slicing_knifeEasy-to-grip G10 knife handle
Sale price$114.99
Carving knife - KyotoKaitsuko USA
Best Japanese chef knife steel blade 7cr17 blue handleBlue Ocean resin handle
Japanese chef knife 7cr17 steel for cutting meat fish vegetablesWooden handle Forest Wood Japanese knife collection
Japanese polyvalent chef knife for cutting any food Kaitsuko Fire LandBrown resin handle Land of fire Collection
Kaitsuko USA Serie Mer Yellow multi-purpose chef's knifeJapanese kitchen knife handle Kaitsuko
Japanese chef knife high range Katisuko USA polyvalent useG10 handle Japanese kitchen knife
Sale price$99.99
Chef’s knife - KyotoKaitsuko USA
Japanese chef knife Yakumoto 67 couches damas steel polyvalent useG10 black kitchen knife handle
Sale price$114.99
Chef’s knife - YakumotoKaitsuko USA
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Set of 7 professional kitchen knives damas steel Collection KyotoKaitsuko_Collection_Kyoto_Meat_Slicing_knife
Japanese knife gift card $50Japanese knife gift card $100
Sale priceFrom $50.00
Gift CardsKaitsuko USA
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