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Nakiri shovel knife for chopping herbs and vegetables Kaitsuko USAG10 kitchen knife handle
Sale price$109.99
Nakiri knife - KyotoKaitsuko USA
Save 26%
Set of 7 professional kitchen knives damas steel Collection KyotoKaitsuko_Collection_Kyoto_Meat_Slicing_knife
Kyoto mini knife for cutting small fruits and vegetablesJapanese kitchen knife handle
Sale price$69.99
Paring knife - KyotoKaitsuko USA
Kitchen knife santoku steel 67 cuts al types of foodsExcellent Kaitsuko ergonomic kitchen knife handle
Sale price$104.99
Santoku knife - KyotoKaitsuko USA
Kaitsuko japanese knife utility fo making precision cutsG10 handle, Kyoto Kaitsuko collection
Sale price$69.99
Utility knife - KyotoKaitsuko USA
Japanese chef knife high range Katisuko USA polyvalent useG10 handle Japanese kitchen knife
Sale price$99.99
Chef’s knife - KyotoKaitsuko USA
Knife Kiritsuke Collection Kyoto for multipurpose useDamascus steel kitchen knife handle
Sale price$99.99
Kiritsuke knife - KyotoKaitsuko USA
Kaitsuko_Collection_Kyoto_Meat_Slicing_knifeEasy-to-grip G10 knife handle
Sale price$114.99
Carving knife - KyotoKaitsuko USA

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